Instructional Design
"I had the pleasure of working with Phil to design an online course in strategic management for healthcare managers.  He brought several skills to our work:  his expertise in teaching and learning --especially active learning, which is so important, particularly in the online environment; his understanding of curriculum design -- for example, how to write learning objectives and how much content to include in learning modules; skills in developing assessments; ability to organize our work; and, perhaps most importantly, Phil has superior communications skills.  On top of all this, Phil has natural curiosity -- he became interested in concepts from the course and did his own reading to bring to our conversations and course design.  I'd also like to emphasize Phil's experience in instructional design and higher education --these were pluses that added a lot to our work.  Last, he is pleasant, easy-going, and personable.  He certainly has my highest recommendation." Tom D'Aunno, Ph.D., New York University
"Phil is extremely gifted in multiple facets of online teaching and learning. I had the privilege of working with him at Moody Bible Institute both in Undergrad and Graduate school where he serves as course designer and content support colleague. His broad base of knowledge is very helpful when designing and creating a new online course. His passion for student learning is evident in being sensitive to the needs of online students given the diversity of modalities, method of instruction, and how a course can be beneficial given the learning challenges of students who have special needs. Phil is also there when you need him in emergencies of glitches, which we all encounter in the online teaching world. His prompt actions have provided great support to me as a prof. and my students, I wish him all the best, and I know he will be a great asset to any organization where he works." -Dr. Samuel Naaman, Professor | Department of Intercultural Studies, Director MBI Missions Conference, Moody Bible Institute
"Phil Brown is an excellent instructional designer, who combines a strong competence in web design with deep knowledge of the world of higher education. Phil and I designed the course while living on separate continents, and despite being multiple time zones apart Phil was always quick to respond to my questions. I had ambitions to push the boundaries of our learning management software, looking to explore functions not previously utilized by the College. Phil brought wisdom both as an educator and a designer, and the finished product was a course that I have had the privilege of teaching for the past five years. From the perspective of a Subject Matter Expert, I would highly recommend Phil." -Dr. Thomas Breimaier, Spurgeon's College, London, England
"Phil has an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience as an instructional designer. He is a practitioner, not just a theorist. He knows how to design and teach engaging and pedagogically sound online courses. He has worked with subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines from several institutions, and he has experience working with different learning management systems and digital learning tools. Phil is an avid reader and an enthusiastic learner. He is naturally collaborative, a genuine includer, and can effectively communicate in personal and professional contexts. Over the years I have known him, he has always been a source of practical insights on how to apply current educational theory to the course design, instruction, and improvement processes. I would trust Phil to deliver exceptional quality on any digital learning project." -Mark Fabian, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Learning, Evangel University
"Phil is a very gifted faculty member and course designer.  He helped our university merge two distance programs and put additional courses online.  He has continued to develop his skills in course design and is very knowledgeable in the craft of online delivery of curriculum.  Phil is very helpful and is available when we call on him." -Dr. Joshua Black, Executive Director, Division of Adult Learning, Lee University
“Phil was a delight to work with as he  aided me in writing, designing , and later revising my courses in Biblical Spiritual Formation and the corresponding Biblical Spiritual Lab. He was always helpful and available and provided enormous skill in seeing that these classes went smoothly and benefited many students!!!!" Dr. Bill Thrasher  TH. D. Professor of Applied Theology and Spiritual Formation. Moody Theological Seminary.
“Phil did a great job of designing courses for our online programs at Bryan College. His work was very high quality and thorough. The learning objectives and activities were on point. The course turned out great.” -Mike Chase, PhD, Director, Adult and Graduate Studies, Bryan College
"The course was a great introduction to the M-Div program.  It lays a great foundation for studying the Bible and becoming a student of the Bible because it teaches how to study, how to interpret and how to apply." -Student Moody Bible Institute
I have always appreciated the opportunity to work with Phil Brown. He served as the instructional designer for a couple of courses at Moody Bible Institute in which I served as the subject matter expert. What stands out to me most about this experience is Phil’s ability to listen, to solve problems, and to find creative ways to help students access and apply the content I supplied. Phil is personable and competent as well. All of these qualities make him a first-rate instructional designer.​​​​​​​ -Dr. Steve Mathewson, Moody Theological Seminary
"I’ve worked with Phil Brown as an instructional designer on several Master’s level projects. He was instrumental in improving our course delivery through the keen application of diverse learning theories. His theoretical knowledge and the way these theories apply to adult learners in the online environment was crucial in the success of our overall program. He is highly recommended." -Dr J. Brian Tucker, Moody Theological Seminary
"This was a great course.  I have gained so much information and knowledge that will aid me in ministry and I continue to develop." -Student Moody Bible Institute
"I truly enjoyed the way the class was setup in a user friendly setting. The class was designed adequately." -Student Moody Bible Institute
"Great course work, textbooks and assignments! Fantastic!" -Student Moody Bible Institute
"Loved this course, including assignments and distribution." -Student Moody Bible Institute
Course materials were relevant and provided information that captured the essence of information taught.
This course has enriched my knowledge and appreciation for teaching. The assignments were challenging and the discussions insightful.

"Prof. Brown was a thoughtful instructor. His feedback was encouraging and helpful. He responded in a timely manner to the correspondence that I had with him. He was engaged in the class, and it was clear that he genuinely cares for his students." -Student Moody Bible Institute
"Professor Brown was very helpful and insightful. I enjoyed having him as a professor.
"Prof. Brown is a very concerned teacher and easy to communicate with. He's willing to help and very interested in his subject." -Student Moody Bible Institute
"Professor Philip Brown is an amazing leader. He is compassionate and gentle and takes time out for his students. You can tell Professor Philip Brown loves his students and is committed to serving them. I would gladly take more Philip Brown classes in the future." -Student Moody Bible Institute
"Instructor Brown has helped me tremendously in this course, he provides resources that help me a lot and that will help me in the remaining time that I'm in school." -Student Moody Bible Institute
Mr. Brown, During my time at Lee, I must say it was very trying and stressful, however God saw me through it and I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for me, particularly your time and patience. You were extremely sensitive in my time of need and I don't take the grace you showed me lightly. Thank you 1000x over!!! -Student, Lee University
“Mr. Brown is an excellent instructor who engages Biblical texts and course material in fresh ways to keep his students learning and developing. He is not afraid to challenge his students with new perspectives on ancient texts and/or beliefs. Perhaps, most importantly, Mr. Brown motivates his students by instilling value in their work and encouraging them to "shoot for the stars." I can personally say I have evolved into the student and theologian I am today because of personal attention that Mr. Brown provided me with while I was his student.” -Student, Lee University
"Professor Brown was beyond amazing. He was always available and quickly responded
when I had a question regarding some assignments. He helped me through some issues
and encouraged me through this course." -Student, Lee University
"This class was so explanatory. It was so easy to understand and I learned so much. The
instructor was very helpful and was available for questions when needed." -Student, Lee University
"I appreciate the instructors kindness. When I had problems with my internet service, he
was very understanding. I truly appreciate the mercy he showed." -Student, Lee University
"Professor Brown is a great Instructor. He has been very helpful, understanding, and
available to all students. When I was not feeling well, he understood and offered prayer
and when my dad went to the hospital for the first time in ninety years. When grading
my last paper he added a visual video to further assist the class to do our best
work." -Student, Lee University
"The course was extremely well-written, balanced in assignments, and excellently presented." -Student, Lee University
"Mr. Brown was helpful in all areas. He felt present even though it was an online course. I thought his weekly videos kept me engaged with him as a professor." -Student, Lee University
"[Mr. Brown] has gone above and beyond to help myself and the other students learn."-Student, Lee University
"[Mr. Brown] will take time out to schedule a meeting to help us within the course." -Student, Lee University
"The information was presented in a clear cut fashion but allowed for students to form their own opinions as well." -Student, Lee University
"[Mr. Brown] was encouraging with each assignment and sought our best efforts." -Student, Lee University
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